We use a system of methods that aid the diagnostic and treatment processes:

  • Electroodontodiagnostics (EOD) – with this method the vitality of each separate tooth can be checked.
  • Apex location – determining the work length of root canal.
  • Root ionophoresis apparatus – medicine injection in canals in retreatment or difficult treatment of root canals.
  • Gelen electric skin test for discovery of focal seats – shows active tooth seats (granoloms) which may cause various general conditions – hair loss, rheumatism, heart problems and so on.
  • Laser sterilization of root canals through high-energy diode laser Dr. Smile
  • Laser procedures for the joints – temporomandibular joint, with low-energy laser “Six laser”
  • Pathogalvinism test – it makes possible determining the biological compatibility of various metals in the mouth. In case of acquired bimetallism from new metal or metal ceramic constructions laser acupuncture treatment is applied, which leads to the disappearance of the symptoms and preservation of the constructions, while often in cases of bimetallism acquired from amalgam fillings and metal crowns the obturations have to be replaced.