Small surgical procedures

Extraction – taking out a tooth

Abscess – treatment of abscess includes making an incision (opening of the abscess) to put a drainage (rubber strip) at the place of the incision to ensure the exit of the puss. These manipulations are carried out under anesthesia. They can be done with a Biolase MD laser. Whenever necessary, your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics for a certain period according to the severity of the infection.

Circumcision – when a tooth has difficulty erupting, especially a wisdom tooth, it remains partially covered by the gum. Under the soft tissue there is a pocket where plaque accumulates and can bring about frequent inflammations with pain, gum swelling and sometimes abscesses. In order to remove the source of the infection, the soft tissue covering the tooth is cut out with a laser for soft and hard tissues.

Frenulotomy with diode laser SIX Laser (most sparing method) – operation at which the too short frenulum of the upper jaw is removed mainly for orthodontic reasons such as inability for the two frontal teeth to come together. The operation, carried out with a laser, reduces stress and pain for the patient with no stitches and a minimal amount of anesthesia. The wound heals much faster and without complications because of the sterility of the surface treated.

In dental clinic BURGASDENT we carry out corrections of gingival smile with the latest water laser (WaterLase) – esthetic extension of the tooth crown to achieve change in the gum line.

In cases of cysts and granulomas we use 3 types of lasers and thus remove the necessity for surgery in a great number of cases.

We carry out consultations for implant treatment.